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Game Sound Design Strategies

GSD Strategies

Check out the strategies when you are feeling creatively uninspired. Each random strategy will present you with a new avenue to pursue. Give them a try!

Game Sound Design Glossary

GSD Glossary

Our game audio glossary has all the sound terms you have been wondering about. Game audio can be confusing enough without having to deal with a new technical language. We are constantly updating the database with new terms that relate to not only game audio but game developer terms as well.

Video Game Developer Glossary "O"

Glossary by with Special thanks to Xan

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Open source is a design philosophy whereby software is made freely available to others. It is based on the theory that anyone should be able to acquire and modify a piece of software free of charge.


Sometimes a game developer will outsource certain parts of a game's development to a third party. This usually happens if there is not enough employees at the development studio to complete a game. Outsourcing can be for any aspect of game design including programming, art, animation, etc.

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