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Game Sound Design Strategies

GSD Strategies

Check out the strategies when you are feeling creatively uninspired. Each random strategy will present you with a new avenue to pursue. Give them a try!

Game Sound Design Glossary

GSD Glossary

Our game audio glossary has all the sound terms you have been wondering about. Game audio can be confusing enough without having to deal with a new technical language. We are constantly updating the database with new terms that relate to not only game audio but game developer terms as well.


A passion for sound design.

The constant desire to create new sound, the rush of hearing your sound played back in a game world, and finding yourself lost for hours in the simple act of sound creation, is what makes us sound designers. By visiting you are part of an exclusive community of sound practitioners who all share the same feelings and passion for the craft as you do.


Game Sound Design was started in response to the lack of credible, informative, and accurate information on what designing sound for a video game entails. Our mission is to provide our readers with engaging and informative content on all aspects relating to game sound.

Please write to us with your comments, suggestions, and to just touch base. We love talking to our readers.


George Spanos is the founder and primary article writer for

George has been designing sound for the past 17 years. In that time he has provided sound design, Foley, voice recording, mixing, and music for video games, television and radio commercials, short films, and television shows. He also has extensive experience in directing voice talent, acting as music supervisor, and managing audio teams. George's credits include numerous AAA video game titles including Warframe, Star Trek, Bioshock, Dark Sector, and Darkness 2. He has also worked on over 700 commercials.

George is Audio Director at Digital Extremes.

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