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Game Sound Design Strategies

GSD Strategies

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Game Sound Design Glossary

GSD Glossary

Our game audio glossary has all the sound terms you have been wondering about. Game audio can be confusing enough without having to deal with a new technical language. We are constantly updating the database with new terms that relate to not only game audio but game developer terms as well.

Video Game Developer Glossary "E"

Glossary by with Special thanks to Xan

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EFIGS (pronounced 'Ee-figs'):

It is the collection of English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages that are commonly placed onto one disc version of the game for release in the European territory. EFIGS can be translated audio dialog, or text subtitles, or both.


The software architecture that a video game is built upon. This software generally contains an associated editor where the user can build levels, add enemies, animations, sounds, etc, into the game. Examples of popular engines include the Unreal Engine (Epic Games) and CryEngine (Crytek Games).


Also commonly known as a software engineer, or a programmer. An engineer is a person on the development team who is responsible for programming the video game graphics, animation, or any other facet of the game which requires an understanding of a computer programming language.

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